About Us


We started out in the coffee industry in 2011 as a husband and wife team. Our search for affordable, freshly roasted coffee drove us to simply dig in and roast our own. Starting small is definitely not a bad thing, yet we are thankful that things have since evolved. No more coffee smoke clouds from roasting in our home oven!
Moving on, Root Coffee was established in September 2013. We bought our very first coffee roaster, the 2 kg Coffee Tech Solar Roaster. From there on, we roasted and distributed coffee from home for a few years. One thing lead to another. Finally Root opened it’s first outlet at Paddagat Centre (or St George’s Square) on the 1st of August 2015.
Since then, we’ve somewhat grown out of our seams in the little 45 sqm shop. This called for the Roastery to be moved into a bigger space. Hence, the opening of Root Coffee at Wellington Square on 4 December 2017.